About us

Who are we?

Creator of intellectual content – creative ideas and conceptions. We publish books and albums, produce audio, music and films as well as organize accompanying events and perform audit.

An idea and conception can have a form of a thought, brand or goal. It is most often accompanied by a strategy, contact structure, intellectual content such as eg. characters, items or slogans.

In addition to our own projects, we promote and support artists.


'Concordia' – the Roman goddess of abundance

For whom

With whom and how do we work?

Companies and institutions which need ideas or conceptions in order to strengthen or elevate their communication and brand/company image or public relations. Audit and complex support in managing of the earlier launched initiatives.

Cooperation with creators – artists and craftspeople who can with their actions significantly help the creation and realization of the idea, with simultaneous promotion in bussines and cultural millieux.

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Geographies of our projects

The projects are performed in the countries like Poland, Great Britain, the United States (USA) and Israel.


Company with ideas

Creating ideas and conceptions that have a significant influence on shaping business markets, culture and society for which they have been created. Building a wider than before dialogue between a creator and recipient.


Our goal

Our goal is to build a reputable brand that produces meaningful intellectual content for communication and culture. We aim at publishing infuencial books, albums, audiovisual materials, producing unique items and orginizing inspiring events.

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